Vítková shoots again, winning fourth in the final sprint

“It was a great day for us, four girls on points, only the (Land) race did not work out completely, “the coach said in an interview for Czech Television. Land was 56th as the only team in the team.

Kaisa Mäkäräinen was reigning all over the place. Her triumph even more illuminated the plot in the battle of the big globe. Darja Domračevová, the runner of the series, finished third this season, leaving only 21 points from the 21-point lead of Belarus before the final two races.

Who then picks up the most valuable globe?Mäkäräinen for the third time, or her first time for the first time?

The small globe for sprint discipline, however, was sure of Belarus already before Friday’s start, on this fact the results from Chanty-Mansijsko could not change anything.

The Sprint results definitely underlined Germany’s leadership in the Nations Cup as well as a great second place Czech in this classification, because points from fighter races and from races with mass start are not included in the Cup of Nations.

p> As in the men’s sprint on Thursday, the Windy Siberian shooting ranks many of the favorites. She immediately took three mistakes by Franziska Hildebrand, the fifth woman in the cup.And when the stand, the same number of mistakes was made by double champion of the world Marie the best sports betting online Dorinová-Habertová. Veronika Vítková had forgotten her struggle from Kontiolahti, after one mistake lying down standing completely infallible. And the downed targets seemed to return her explosive on the track. She had the fourth fastest run and, until the last few, she fought for the podium.

She stood for a long time standing on her wands, exhaled deeply.

Will this be enough?

Eventually there was so little. Only 3.8 seconds separated her from the second German Dahlmeier and 2.5 seconds from the third Domračevová.

However, the World Cup final scoring is third.

And overall?Ukraine Semerenková, rival Vítková in the third place in the absolute cup classification, took the 9th place in the sprint and will have a worse starting position in the fighter. There is still no decision between them, even if Czechs lose 41 points.

“I’m very happy with Verča. She made a little appetite for Kontiolahti and is just below the stage. The damage of one wound lying down, was pulled straight up, “coach Vitek said. “I hope she will continue to do so well.”

Gabriela Soukalová raced the race excellently, but the first item managed to clear, but her standing was low, the position was difficult to maintain and the result was two mistakes. “Malinko was 1xbet bonus taking her second close off,” Vitek thought.Yet, combined with the eleventh fastest during the Top 10, it ended tenth.

Eva Puskarčíková, who had the first time in the life of the Cup, made a great mistake, standing on the 13th place has one corner to improve the lifetime of the World Cup.

“This is just a praise, she went with a leader and therefore did not have the best position, but she also shot absolutely no respect in that light blast,” said Vitek . After a long wait for another start, Barbora Tomešová came to the first biathlon league for points and also for one of the best results of her career, when she was 27.place. “She had the drawback that she did not train for two weeks at the World Championships and did not compete for a whole month,” said the Czech coach.

By the Saturday fighter race, Czechs will have a great starting position. “They have a good start,” said their coach.

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